Welcome to the What Rainbow Magic REALLY deserves WikiaEdit

What Rainbow Magic Really Deserves Wikia (WRMRD for short) is a wikia where everyone can make plans and make decisions about Rainbow Magic's future and what it really deserves. The reason I (LittleMissS) created this wikia is because I wanted to share my plans with you. So, WELCOME to the community!

Describe your topicEdit

Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it.

WILL LAST 4ever Offer!!Edit

Based on Rainbow Magic Wikia and the fan art wikia of RM, it lets fans say what they really want to happen in Rainbow Magic. It could be a movie, a video game, a TV show, another book, new characters, ideas for games and activities in the official website. All made by YOU!

Ruby RM wikia - fan art


1.               Make a plan by making  a folder called (example: Rainbow Magic’s new videogame plans) and make some work for it and some researching too, then click save to that folder that you named yourself.

2. Show your work in What Rainbow Magic REALLY deserves wikia by contributing to make a page and add pictures, videos or pretty much copy your work if you can.

3.There might be people who may be interested in your work! Form a talk and name it (example:Rainbow Magic's new movie) and enjoy what you've got!

ONE RULE- No cheating or being rude to other people and also no cyberbullying too!

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