Hi guys! LittleMissS here.

Just bored around and chilling out listening some of my fave songs. Today I wanted to talk about the new cover of RM since I read the latest blog post on the Rainbow Magic wikia. But actually, the new cover of RM disappoints me. It actually does.

Since I read about the Friendship Fairies article , I was like "Noooo! Please please don't publish it in September!!!NOOOO! I don't want RM to change!!!" 

Also, I'm already used to: the fairy sitting on the logo-rainbow trademark-font-sparkles-trademark

Then it leaves me a question:

Why did Rainbow Magic BOTHER to CHANGE the front cover even although people say Don't judge a book by its cover? Did they had fan suggestions or they were like "Nah, I don't mind if I just change the cover of this book."?

Your opinion

In the comments you can write some theories about it. Depending on how you feel please leave comments below.I could read the commments when I have the time so thank you for considerating this.

Luv & Kisses, LittleMissS!

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