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    Hi guys! LittleMissS here.

    Just bored around and chilling out listening some of my fave songs. Today I wanted to talk about the new cover of RM since I read the latest blog post on the Rainbow Magic wikia. But actually, the new cover of RM disappoints me. It actually does.

    Since I read about the Friendship Fairies article , I was like "Noooo! Please please don't publish it in September!!!NOOOO! I don't want RM to change!!!" 

    Also, I'm already used to: the fairy sitting on the logo-rainbow trademark-font-sparkles-trademark

    Then it leaves me a question:

    Why did Rainbow Magic BOTHER to CHANGE the front cover even although people say Don't judge a book by its cover? Did they had fan suggestions or they were like "Nah, I don't mind if I just change …

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