My ideas for the video game.And if you want you can put your own ideas in the comments. Edit

#1 : My idea for the Rainbow Magic video game is that is set around the theme park that we are designing in 3D. If anyone can do games in 3D please write in my message wall that you can do games in 3D, but be honest!!

#2: Each fairy group should have their own grotto such as the Dance Fairies Grotto or something like that but including attracions and rides too.

#3: (This is a Theme Park issue only mentioned in here) The Special Fairies such as Belle the Birthday Fairy and many more (and one-offs too) need a little space for them. We don't want them bumping into each other, right?

Where I'm going to get my music? Edit

From incompetech. Everything is free when you add Kevin Macleod to the credits. Or you must pay. There are some really good music so in my opinion I would recommend you to get the Incompetech Game Pack 1 as it really has some mid 90s songs that are cool enough to be in the videogame

Intro of the videogame Edit

-Companies first

-then Rainbow Magic logo with Ruby, Ava, Frankie and Lizzie

-shadows of the Rainbow Fairies in which color each (Ruby's shadow goes red and follows by a red line and the rest do the same) leading to the intro.

- Intro of the fairies in 3D while there's the button play.

Note: If ignored for a short time it plays a small video of meeting the fairies in RM (the official ones)

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