Rainbow Magic's Pop-Si-Co Ball is a story made by LittleMissS. It is about having a dance with all fairies being on it. While Linsday Katherin and Hailey Brooke help the fairies find the missing things, the fairies are trying their best to make the ball as magical as possible. Along the way, Linsday and Hailey meet Rachel and Kirsty and start to bond their friendship.Is the pilot episode of Rainbow Magic.

Zoe: I'm late, I'm so so laaaate! I gotta go help the other fairies! (Zoey skating very fast)

Samantha: This is my first time skating! Um... Zoey, I going to stick with flying, ok?

Zoe: Yeah, but you need to go faster! Remember what Adele said!

Samantha: (muttering) Oh, whatever.

( At Fairyland City)

Samantha: Take your skates off, Zoey. We'll go to the taxi.

Zoe: (panting) I need water.

Samantha: OK. Then I'll take it as a yes to the taxi.


Linsday: I'm feeling stuffy inside. Do you Hailey?

Hailey: Nup. In fact, you asked me that question a Million times!In here we have to grow up! GROW UP!

Linsday:Do we have to give up fairies?! (wails)

Hailey: Just kidding. If it's Tinker Bell it's probably not.

(Back at Fairyland City)

Zoe: (yawns) You know, I'm really tired.

Samantha:Come on Zoe, we can't be late!

Zoe: We're nearly there. Just a few houses away.

Samantha: Do you remember where we are going?

Zoe: To the Fairyland Hall.

Samantha: And what are we doing?

Zoe:Going to help out.

Zoe: (mutters) um, whatever.

Zoe: Samantha, to be honest, you are treating me like a baby.

(Samantha opens the front door to Fairyland Hall)

Zoe:There's nobody in here.

Samantha:Ok, let's go help while we're in here.

Zoey: Let's get out the party things we got in our own little purses.

Samantha: Why little?

(Back at Linsday's house)

Linsday:Hey, there's something sparkly over there. If it's just a sweet wrapper then....

Hailey: (takes a closer look to the sparkly thing just around a corner of Linsday's bedroom) It's a .....f.......fa.....fair.....fairy

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