1. Snow World
  2. The Pot At The End Of The Rainbow (also known as the Sensational Rainbow Sisters)
  3. Fairyland Arena
  4. Fairyland Nursery
  5. The Barn
  6. The Dance Fairies Hut
  7. Underwater Land
  8. Palace
  9. The Petal Fairies Garden
  10. Sandy Beach
  11. Rainforest Ride
  12. Fairyland School (?)
  13. The Fairyland Theatre
  14. Special Fairies Place

I couldn't find a place for the Party Fairies and whoever fairy groups who are left out. Sorry to do this.

How to stand out and what to do in auditions Edit

  1. Sign up and fill 3 sheets of paper out to see your personal info like birth date, birthplace, nationality, name and loads of personal stuff and work ratings and what are your qualities at work.
  2. Practise your dancing, instrument and talents not forgetting sports if you are going to be a Sporty, Showtime, Music and Dance fairy.
  3. On the day on audition, don't come with heavy make-up.


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