Before believing any of this, Linsday K and whatever is mentioned such as The Katherin Family Foundation and NSHS are a work of fiction so please consider this article. Edit

Linsday Katherin is fully-owned by LittleMissS and is fan-made. She appears in the movie and the TV show that is made by wikia contributors for RM. Edit

Linsday has green eyes, curly red and dark brown hair highlighted with orange hair chalk. She is best friends with Hailey Brooke and currently studies at New Sunflower High School (NSHS). Her fave subject is Science as she loves to experiment with chemicals and all these sciency stuff.Her least fave subject is PE as she has to sweat a lot on hot sunny days. Linsday is a rich person but also nice because her family loves donating money without being too poor. Her family, The Katherin Family has their own foundation, The Katherin Family Foundation. Usually in weekends, Hailey and Linsday volunteer to help their family foundation as mentioned before.

Trivia Edit

Linsday's full name is Linsday Aileen Katherin

When she grows up, she wants to be a model.


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