Hailey Brooke is a character made and fully-owned by LittleMissS and it's fan-made. So, before believing anything, Hailey Brooke and whatever is mentioned it's a work of fiction by the creator's imagination. Edit

Personality and Appearance Edit

Hailey Brooke has straight, blonde hair and fair skin.She currently studies at New Sunflower High School (NSHS) and her fave subject is writing and her least fave subject is maths because it's really boring. Hailey has got a high fashion sense as she likes sparkly things and glitter too. She has a pet cat called Stella M and her best friend for life is Linsday Katherin. As she is popular, she has got many friends and she always reads the hottest magazines and believes in music too!

Trivia Edit

Hailey's full name is Hailey Jeanette Brooke.

At Hailey's, she's got an small apple ochard. She lives in the country with her family.

Hailey's bedroom is very pink-ish as her favourite colour is pink.

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