Adults and other people except wiki contributors who are going to read this, please do not read any further because it may spoil RM's magic. Please consider this article as it may have spoilers. Edit

Wig Problem Edit

The wig is not supposed to show off the person's real hair depending on how they put their wig on. If they show off their real hair is NOT ok to do. After meeting hours at a such place for 2 and a-half hours or 45 minutes, the cast members must NOT take their wig off.


Because it's a little BIG mistake to show off real hair in front of the last kid when you JUST about needed a break.

For example- some kind of woman plays Sky the Blue Fairy and it was just about to take a break and saying goodbye to the last child in the line. She took her wig off when saying goodbye.


3 steps to go to your dressing room:

1.- Because until over the PA underground expands saying that "All characters come down please to your fairy homes" The fairy homes mean something like "Get back to your dressing room. Meeting Hours are over now."( Ok, back to topic.)

2- To take your wig off, there is a door (secret) and there is a small lift up to 7 people can go in.It leads underground up to your dressing rooms. You may not understand this or think this is silly but the dressing rooms are called for example- Heather's house or something like that.

3. You go inside, remove all your make-up and wig (also the costume)Put your normal clothes on and then go home.

Note: If it's a break, then you need to go to the Fairy's Hangout (underground cafeteria) for lunch break.

How much space and money?? Edit

It may depend on how much space we have. For example: A small space may cost less money but that also means if you pay a big space to do the theme park it may also cost more money than we already have. It may also take all of us to pay with the money that we have?!

But it's best to start small. Then you occupy more spaces once the place is done.

So why not start big? It's WAAAAY too much money to pay for!!

All Fairy Groups MUST have their own grottos Policy Edit

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